"ALL ABOUT ADOPTION can help with many aspects of your adoption journey" (even during this pandemic!)  

ADOPTION is an incredible journey to creating or expanding a family, however it is not easy to figure out where to begin or which avenue will be the best choice for you. Even after adopting, questions or situations may arise that could necessitate turning to someone with experience. ALL ABOUT ADOPTION could be exactly what you need to start you on your way or continue through many phases of your adoption journey.


Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, PhD, MSW has over 15 years of professional adoption experience in addition to more than 25 years of personal adoption experience. She has worked in the infertility field for nearly 15 years before starting her career in adoption. She now offers personalized adoption consultation/education/supportive services for those seeking to begin their adoption journey, in the midst of the adoption process or adoptive parents looking for guidance as their child/children grow. In addition, she offers affordable, personalized facilitator services to a small number of clients. She is also a birth grandmother and has experience from the perspective of a birth family member. Consultation services are also available to other adoption professionals for case consultation, including assistance with post-adoption contact agreements and navigating open adoption relationships. Guylaine has extensive experience educating others about adoption. 

Guylaine was not only a part of my professional adoption endeavors, but also my personal adoption journey as a birthmother. Her vast knowledge of adoption and great compassion for birthparents and adoptive parents is so apparent in her work. Her support and guidance through my journey in the world of adoption was life changing. 


"I really appreciate all of your support on this journey. You have been a HUGE help!"


Guylaine was kind, thoughtful, and highly competent as our adoption counselor. We felt we could truly trust her to guide us with decisions that worked for our family during the adoption process. By the end of our adoption journey, she felt like family to us. We are grateful to have worked with Guylaine.

Ian & Lara................Adoptive Parents

Guylaine was an instrumental and a treasured member of our agency during the successful adoption of our daughter. Not only did she lead monthly support groups that were educational and entertaining, she was always there as a guiding hand for each step of our multi-year journey. Her extensive knowledge, patience, and bedside manner when working with us and other adoptive families is something that we will always be grateful for. 

Randy & GiGi.......Adoptive Parents

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