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 Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, PhD, MSW  


Guylaine began her career in family building after earning a PhD in endocrinology from UC Berkeley.  After 15 years of conducting lab tests while working in the infertility field, a career change took her back to graduate school to earn a MSW in order to work in the field of adoption. Since then she worked at a Nationally-known adoption agency (as an Open Adoption Counselor, Adoption Coordinator, Co-Director, National Research Director and Home Study Supervisor) where she worked with hundreds of families at all stages of the adoption process and has been a well-respected member of the professional adoption community for many years. Since spring of 2017 she has continued to offer services via her adoption consulting business. Since it's inception, All About Adoption has hosted support groups, assisted families through their adoption process, worked with birthmothers and provided post-adoption support.


In addition to her vast knowledge about adoption, Guylaine has the added benefit of personal experience with infertility and adoption. She and her husband adopted their two (now adult) children through open adoption and continue to have contact with members of their birth family. Their daughter also placed a baby for adoption and has an open relationship with the adoptive parents.

NOTE: As of January 1, 2024, operating as an “adoption facilitator” in the state of California is prohibited, thus I am no longer offering any matching services. *See DSS Family Code Section 8625 for details.

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